Apr 7, 2014

Update: 3.5 months Post Op

 CW: 263 Pounds Lost: 47

Slow and steady at about a pound a week average. I'd like to lose a bit faster but it is what it is. I can see the changes in my body, feel more fit, and more attractive. Took a bit of time off the gym after pulling a muscle in my rib area. It hurt every time I took a deep breath! I need to get back in there soon.

I definitely am happy I had the sleeve, even if I am not losing as fast as some. I'm 3.5 months post op now and my hair seems to be holding up. I hope it continues to stay put! If it does stay put I'm chalking it up to the slow loss that I attribute to my modest calorie and protein intake.

That's all for now. I have some interesting recipes to share later.

Mar 5, 2014

Sleeve Journey: Week 10

CW: 270 Pounds Lost: 39

Apologies for not updating sooner! I had my one month membership follow up at the gym. In the first month I lost 9 pounds, 2 inches on my hips, and one on my waist. My routine was switched up and cranked up big time! Now it's a matter of being consistent about getting in the gym! I went for the first time in a week today and felt so good I wondered why I avoid it like the plague!

No foods or drinks that I have tried give me issues at this point. Onions are my friend again, soda is no problem (though I only have it occasionally) and alcohol agrees with me. I haven't ventured into my favorite snacks though. I love Utz's Sour Cream and Onion chips, and ice cream. I know people talk about these types snacks being slider foods and I don't want to begin a nasty habit again!

The 9th will be three months from beginning my preop diet. I'm happy to see I am on target to be down a nice round 40 pounds by then. I feel great, I'm looking better and  better, and my hair is handing in there so far.

I have started having a protein shake again in the mornings. I wanted to try upping my protein from the 70-89 gram target I was given by my nutritionist, to 140-ish which my trainer recommends since I'm doing weight training. I'm tweeking my food, watching the scale, and seeing what works. I'd love to see a bit more loss on the scale each week at this point, but I'll get there eventually!

Feb 17, 2014

Sleeve Journey: Week 8

CW: 272   Pounds Lost: 38

Well, I've been slacking on the updates. I've been chiseling away bit by bit at the pounds, getting some (but not as much as I would like) time in at the gym, and food has been no big deal- just fueling my body. I feel perfectly fine, and have no complications or issues.

Since I skipped a couple weeks let's recap my weight loss:
Jan 27- 279
Feb 3- 277
Feb 10- 274
Feb 17- 272

As you can see, I'm a two pound a week kinda gal. Last week a dropped three though. All together I've now lost 25% of my excess weight. It sounds much better when I put it that way than saying I have 112 pounds to go! I just have to remember that with the sleeve this journey isn't a spring, it's a marathon. I won't be bouncing up and down with the pounds any more- so there is no rush. Slow and steady it is.

I'll update again after I have my fitness re-evaluation at the gym tomorrow. I'm excited about that!

Jan 28, 2014

♥ Sleeve Journey: Week 5 ♥

CW: 279 Pounds Lost: 31

So it's been five weeks now. This picture above, I wish it was true of me but I have not done well getting to the gym of late. This is the biggest challenge for me. The pounds are coming off, slowly but surely. Two pounds a week seems to me by pattern at the moment. Progress for this coming week looks promising already. Although I will count my official weight on Monday, today (Tuesday) I am down almost two more pounds!